Synthetic Grass Hire for your perfect wedding.

Looking to spark up your event and deliver something special? If so, synthetic grass could be the answer and there is probably no better cost effective way than to hire our grass.

Your Wedding Made Special With Australian-Made Synthetic Grass

Weddings are a unique event.
It is the one day of your life when we want everything to be perfect. WE can’t guarantee the weather but with the correct planning and superior communication with you, the client, we will get things to run as smooth as possible. Outdoor weddings on grass have very different characteristics than indoor weddings.
The surface is uneven, may even have long grass on it. It may already be wet and soft. We will talk to you about all these things and how to deal with each of them. Please don’t expect to achieve the perfect result for your wedding on a shoe string. You can’t short cut anything when it comes to the flooring and turning a dust bowl or a mud pile into a perfectly manicured wedding.

We can remove the worry and guarantee a great looking surface for any outside wedding or event.
The keys are again in the planning and the knowledge of your supplier. Long lush grass is not what you are looking for as lots of ladies where high heels to weddings, It might be suitable for the ceremony but not necessarily the marquee or hall.
We can show pics of how you can go from an ordinary outside to the wedding you imagined.


Here's why synthetic grass hire might just be the best option for you..

  • Hard wearing

    Synthetic grass can handle a lot of traffic and still look fantastic.

  • Cope with food and drink:

    Don’t worry about spills, synthetic grass can cope with almost anything you can throw at it.

  • Can be cut to any shape:

    There’s no limit what you can do with synthetic grass. We can cut it to any shape to suit any sort of function or area you have.

  • Ideal for corporate events:

    We can cut your logo or corporate colours into the grass. This is a great way to promote your brand and stand out from the crowd.

  • Works well on all surfaces:

    Synthetic grass not only looks great, it’s adaptable to all surfaces. This is particularly useful if your event is outside and you’re worried about rain or heat.

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Synthetic grass gives your event a different look. You’ll get a cool, calm and classy feel and we’re positive our grass will become a talking point. Time and time again our clients tell us they love our grass concepts and watch as their guests want to touch it to make sure it isn’t real.

See what people have to say..

“Thanks David. The turf looked fantastic and (surprise, surprise) no one tripped over it!”

— Hannah, Association for Women in Insurance

“Just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone from Grass Hire for your services Wednesday. The client was very happy and we will be sure to keep you in mind for future projects.”

— Amy Owen

“Thanks for everything. The grass looked amazing with our little croquet set on top of it.”

— AGD Social Club

“Grass hire was perfect for what we were after. The grass was custom fit to our awkwardly-shaped space and set up by the requested time. We will definitely use them again”

— Sam, Crown Bet Melbourne



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Why synthetic grass is unique

Cost effective

Synthetic grass is often more affordable than carpet and other flooring options. We think it looks better too.

Looks fantastic

Synthetic grass will give you a fresh and cool look. The grass always looks brand new and is weather and party proof.

Stand out from the crowd

Synthetic grass is often more affordable than carpet and other flooring options. We think it looks better too.

Family Friendly

Children love the look and feel of soft grass and immediately start playing on it.

Sets the Mood

Green is in the middle of the colour spectrum and is pleasing and welcoming to the eye creating that safe feeling.

Tones the environment

The look of a concrete carpark, a dry dusty area or the front driveway is immediately changed when grass is added by softening the surrounding surfaces.

We love helping bring events to life with synthetic grass!

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NOTE: Please be aware that grass hire including installation and removal at the end of the event is minimum of $950.